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Epic Cinematic Brands

Our clients are entrepreneurs with an unshakable faith that the world will be better off with their service, technology or product in it.  They are like visionary directors and it’s Satellite’s job to set the stage, design the world, and amplify their vision in anticipation of the customer’s grand entrance upon the brand’s ‘silver screen’.

Epic, immersive, total.

Founded in 2006, Satellite is a Chicago based brand design agency conjuring ownable and defensible identities for: Hotel & Restaurant, Spirits & Beverage, Cannabis, Fashion, and Tech industries. It is our belief that at the heart of a loved brand, at the core of a mesmerizing campaign, is a truth usually unexpected, often peculiar, but always charming that speaks authentically and resonates powerfully. 

Let’s find your beautiful truth.

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Hermes Creative Awards
Webby Award
Boutique Lifestyle Leader Association


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