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SATELLITE - HERE: Workplace Branding

HERE Technologies

Enhancing the Employee Experience

As mapping services company, HERE Technologies, upgraded their offices world wide they posed the question: “We would like inspirational, creative art in our work environments, but does that art have to be generic? Could it not only be beautiful but also specifically related what we do? Could it come from us, reflect our obsession with mapping reality, and celebrate our work?”

Given the treasure trove of global location data at their finger tips, the answer was a resounding, yes! Working with generative, computational artist, Joshua Davis, Satellite Office produced Mural Software that combined unique artists’ work with the company’s location data to design custom HERE murals. Satellite curated the artists from the diverse countries in which HERE operates to produce a library of mural art governed by algorithmic rules and driven by HERE data.

1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread01a
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread01b
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread01c
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread02a
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread02b
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread02c

What data was used? HERE’s Road systems, Building footprints, and Places of Interest from cities like: Sao Paolo, Singapore, Berlin, Moscow, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Chicago, Beijing and Buenos Aires. The resulting generative mural installations honor and incorporate the work of these 10 international artists remixed by Joshua Davis’ Mural Software, and celebrate the underlying beauty of HERE’s work.

1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread03a
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread03b
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread03c
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread04a
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread04b
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread04c
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread05a
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread05b
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread05c
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread06a
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread06b
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread06c
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread07a
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread07b
1500x912 SO HEREMurals spread07c


  • HERE Technologies


  • Satellite Office


  • Artists: Shawna X, Vasjen Katro, Victoria Roussel, Janusz Jurek, James Dawe, Rik Oostenbroek, Chuck Anderson, Karan Singh, Zipeng Zhu.
  • Algorithmic Programing & Design: Joshua Davis
  • Producer: Gensler Chicago
  • Brand Lead: Ben Arditti
  • Brand Manager: Rachel Jiang
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