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Palmer Beverage

Capturing Lightening, in a Can?

Canned adult beverages are exploding—from hard seltzers, to cannabis soda, and craft brewers exploding on every block! Beverage entrepreneurs everywhere obsess over their recipes, getting it just right. Flavor, carbonation, and invention are everything—and the life blood of success. Mediocre canning sadly permits oxygen in and CO2 out turning a beverage innovator’s dreams of liquid gold into weak lead. Palmer’s canning machines faced stiff competition from cheap overseas equipment and an overly technical marketing approach.

We elevated the brand by rooting Palmer Beverage in American quality & craftsmanship, emphasizing their competitive edge in machinery that produces demonstrably high-quality canned products. Palmer’s message to beverage innovators: You’ve captured lightening in the tank! Now we gotta get that unadulterated, uncorrupted, pure ‘juice’ in the can, every can, every time. Hence, the Palmer guarantee…

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Virgin Beverages

You brew by day, you brew by night. It’s 3 a.m. and you’re up tonight ordering Herkules hops from Germany so the mash tun can keep churning out juice tomorrow. Check. And then, scoping out old-world recipes, thinking up new ways to add your touch. ‘Make it your own and survive,’ they said, ‘imitate and die’. Finding your voice, that’s what it’s about. Trial and error, inspired guesses, and…SCIENCE.

Virgin Beverages

How could the recipe be wrong! Tossing the bad juice, reveling in the hope of the next batch. But how ‘bout the unexpected delights—the sun’s rays filtering through a mesmerizing beaker of golden wort—so promising, such potential! Will this be the one?

Lightening in a can

Will it fulfill expectation and turn into that elusive elixir – your next great, liquid hit? And then…the tasting, the savoring, and the knowing. You’ve captured lightening in the tank people! Now you’ve gotta get it in the can! Can’t eff it up! Oh the money, the time, the muscle. No compromises. It must be unaltered, uncorrupted, virgin juice in the can, every can, every time. You’ve come to the right place brothers and sisters, brewers & distillers, fermentors and concoctioners!

Palmer Beverage – your lightening in a can.

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