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SATELLITE - Tavern on the Green

Tavern on the Green

A Modern Classic

For this generationally beloved, Central Park stalwart, Tavern on the Green, we produced a comprehensive brand refresh. The identity maintained the integrity of the existing mark while bringing more emphasis to the name and expanding the system to include an iconic monogram and custom typography.

TOTG Fullimg 1500 pattern
TOTG TwoCol 1440 logo refresh
TOTG Fullimg 1500 FrontSignage
TOTG Fullimg 1500 menu
TOTG Fullimg 1500 kcsrender
TavernCards 7 1400x933 1
TOTG Fullimg 1500 dishtowel
TOTG Fullimg 1500 kcsrender cards
Mulh Fullimg 1500 apron
TOTG Fullimg 1500 kcsrender logocomp
1500x912 KCS TOTG signage spread 01a
1500x912 KCS TOTG signage spread 01b
1500x912 KCS TOTG signage spread 01c
1500x912 KCS TOTG signage spread 01d
1500x912 KCS TOTG signage spread 01e


  • Tavern on the Green


  • Kevin Cantrell Studios


  • Design: Kevin Cantrell