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SATELLITE - Okay Cannabis Dispensary

Welcome to the
OKAY Cannabis Experience

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We're All OKAY

Satellite designed a comprehensive Dispensary Branding System for OKAY including: brand strategy and positioning narrative, naming, visual identity package, website design, interior branding, and advertising — all designed to inspire and educate customers on their journey through the brand’s digital and physical worlds.

OKAY is a cannabis-lifestyle dispensary for experienced & cannabis-curious people seeking to reset their state of mind, friendships, and ideas of social equity. With ambitions to create a retail brand they could expand nationally, OKAY Dispensaries engage guests in a wonderland of primal shapes and colorful environments that reframe the ordinary and rekindle wonder. In a time of great divisions, OKAY suggest reason for optimism: if we take care of our selves and others, we’re all going to be okay.

OKAY Cannabis brand image
OKAY cannabis brand Packaging
OKAY cannabis branding Logo
OKAY Cannabis Branding

We're All Okay

The past several years have presented challenges we’ve never experienced in our lifetimes. Cultural chasms, mortal pandemics, environmental doom, mental health crises, and righteous calls for a new social justice. Unsurprisingly, many of us are finding ourselves – not feeling okay. We are here to tell you: I’m okay, and you’re okay, and together, we’re all okay.

Permission To Be

That it’s okay to want to have a good time again, it’s okay if you’d prefer to be alone, it’s okay to feel sad, and it’s okay to feel content. You can be weird, energized, creative, punch drunk, ecstatic, introspective, outrospective. Scared, found, profound! The OKAY Cannabis Experience grants Permission to Be—no justification required.


We're All Okay

In the words of Anja Charbonneau, Editor of Broccoli Magazine, “cannabis culture is not any one thing.” It’s a therapy to some, a good time to others. A joyful moment among our friends, or a personal chance to reset and recall what’s most important. Individually it can be a self-compassionate escape, while for those who have been disenfranchised—and penalized—by cannabis, it represents a chance for an equitable piece of a budding industry.


Whatever it means to you, “it’s mine and it’s yours” but together it is ours. If you will, we are all unique hues under a colorful cannabis flag, expressing ourselves while belonging to a kind of cannabis nation. What you make of cannabis is wholly your own; fill in the blank, there are no wrong answers. OKAY validates, and you are validated.

OKAY Cannabis Branding by People
OKAY cannabis banding Image

Custom Typography & Rich Color Palette

We believe bespoke typography is an anchor tenet of differentiated dispensary branding. How powerful is it when a customer recognizes your brand just by seeing what you write without a logo even being present? Regarding our choice of brand color palette, commonly we focus on a singular color to aid in recognition and recall. In the OKAY case, however, color variety became an important aspect of our brand metaphor: we’re all different people using cannabis for our individual reasons but together, we’re all united under the flag of a kind of cannabis nation
— One Color, Many Hues.

OKAY Typography
Cannabis Branding Color Plate
OKAY cannabis branding Logo in Different Colors
OKAY Cannabis Brand Strategy Images
OKAY Cannabis branding Bag Packaging
OKAY Cannabis Branding and Packaging


Our dispensary branding package extended to designing interior banners that communicate the OKAY brand values at retail point of sale, and in digital & print advertising.

Cannabis Brand Package Designing
OKAY Cannabis Branding People in a photo
OKAY cannabis Brand Image
OKAY cannabis Brand design Photo

Interior Design Art Direction

Our goal for the retail dispensary branding experience was to engage guests in a wonderland of primal geometric shapes, textures and colors curated to reframe the ordinary and rekindle a sense of wonder. Celebrating a broad ‘cannabis’ lifestyle — OKAY is not a common dispensary, but an uncommon destination for exposure to novel arts, music, people and experiences. —Okay Cannabis interior design by Jaime Magaliff, interior art direction by Satellite.

OKAY cannabis branding and Interior Design

Actual Store Photography

Retail interior art direction by Satellite, designed by Jaime Magaliff.

OKAY Interior Brand Design
Okay Cannabis Brand Strategy

Dispensary Branding Website Design

Our goal for the website was to showcase the retail experience to draw customers into the online and physical stores. We recreated the primal geometries and colors of the store and added a tile flipping UIUX as a metaphor for personal and interpersonal exploration — flipping between the sobriety of our daily existences and the cannabis fueled exploration of our alter selves.

Okay cannabis brand bags

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