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SATELLITE - The Fitzroy

The Fitzroy

Unearthing A Chelsea Gem

A one-of-a-kind collaboration by celebrated design team Roman and Williams and JDS Development Group, The Fitzroy brings back character and beauty through the historical roots of New York architecture. The building features a green terracotta façade and large copper-framed windows. Kevin Cantrell named the building (based on the lost Fitzroy Road that ran through Chelsea in the late 19th Century), created a dynamic and contemporary real estate branding system across multiple brand touchpoints: stationery, brochure, sales promotional package, floorpans, website, billboards, signage, photography art direction, and a proprietary font, Fitzroy Display, all as signature as the building itself.

1500x912 SO Fitzroy 02
1500x912 SO Fitzroy 03
1500x912 SO Fitzroy 003
1500x912 SO Fitzroy 04
1500x912 SO Fitzroy 05
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1500x912 SO Fitzroy 07
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Project Tags

  • Branding
  • Hotel & Restaurants


  • The Fitzroy


  • Design: Kevin Cantrell
  • Architect: Roman and Williams
  • Developer: JDS Development Group
  • Photography: Alpha Smoot Nick Rochowski (Bathtub)
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