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From Protection to Expression

Satellite worked with Case-Mate to reposition the brand as a design forward, mobile fashion company. We developed an integrated branding system that touched all aspects of the brand—identity, advertising, interactive, product development and experience design.


Working with veteran brand developer Ayo Seligman, we produced a modern abstracted yet rational identity mark and visual language for global mobile accessory maker, Case-Mate. The graphic mark is elegant in its reductionism while being magnetic as viewers engage the mark to ‘fill in the gaps’.

000 casemate brandbook
fullimg 1500x912 casemate branding spread 01b
fullimg 1500x912 casemate branding spread 01c
1500x912 SO CM phone hand installation
1500x912 SO CM building signage


Case-Mate desired to present itself as a design forward, mobile fashion company. The ads evoked this idea. Creative Direction – Ayo Seligman; Photography – Yen Phan; CMO – Erik Attkisson.

fullimg 1500x912 casemate pop ad 01
fullimg 1500x912 casemate pop ad 02
fullimg 1500x912 casemate pop ad 03
1500x912 SO CM Poplookbook
1500x912 SO CM immc ad
1500x912 SO CaseMate ads
1500x912 SO CM immc ad 02
1500x912 SO CM immc ad 03


Working with Mekanism, San Fransisco, and Director Michael Langan, we oversaw the production of three short films for Case-Mate. The films illustrated the brand’s fun, and quirky creative sensibilites. Additional in-house films were produced promoting specific product launches. Concepting & Directing – Case-Mate production team including: Erik Kridle, Matt Shackleford, Ian McAllister and many others from the great Case-Mate Marketing team.

1500x912 SO CMFilms Monolith


“I Make My Case” was a pioneering case customization site launched by Case-Mate to tap into the growing personalization market. I Make My Case put the power of design in the hands of users. The app delivered “can’t fail” design tools the enabled highly personalized case designs leveraging the art of a diverse set of notable graphic designers. I Make My Case was creative directed and produced by Erik Attkisson; Interactive design – Chuck Anderson, Eddie Tofslie; site development – Proto. I Make My Case launched the custom phone case revolution and earned Satellite Office a Webby Award and a CES Innovation Award.

1500x912 CompCM immc
CaseMate Macbook Mockup
1500x912 CaseMate greencasecut

Product & Packaging

Turner Duckworth created the “Hug” packaging concept for Case-Mate, a playful and whimsical case packaging system. The “Desktop Flower Pot” packaging was conceived by Erik Attkisson as a packaging reusability solution; instead of throwing out heavy plastic packaging, it became a flower pot as seeds and a dirt puck were included! The masterful Matt Moore designed the seed packages included.

1500x912 casemate colorcase
1500x912 casemate packaging
1500x912 casemate packaging 02a
1500x912 casemate packaging 02b
1500x912 casemate packaging 02c
1500x912 SO CM pop2 01
1500x912 SO CM pop2 02
001c casemate satelliteoffice


  • Case-Mate


  • Satellite Office


  • CMO: Erik Attkisson
  • Brand Design: Ayo Seligman
  • Case-Mate Studio - Garrett Simmer, Garrett LaBrie, Vera Zeigler, Ian McAllister, Jeremy Jones, Tripp Johnston, Yen Phan
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