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SATELLITE - Meantime Brewing

Meantime Brewing

Six craftspeople from around the UK were challenged by Meantime Brewing Company to create a piece of work in six weeks  (the same time it takes to brew a beer) as part of their ‘Make Time For It’ campaign.

Ged Palmer (of Luminor Sign Co.) created a gilded panel artwork piece with mirrored gold, a fade of different gold leaf, pearl in-lays and a decorative border for the “small bar” pop-up installation & immersive promotional event.

013 MeantimeBrewing palmer
1500x912 Meantime gedspread 01a
1500x912 Meantime gedpalmer 01b
1500x912 Meantime gedpalmer 01c
1500x912 Meantime gedpalmer 02a
1500x912 meantime 01
1500x912 meantime 02
1500x912 meantime 03
1500x912 Meantime gedpalmer 04a
1500x912 Meantime gedpalmer 03a
1500x912 Meantime gedpalmer 03b
1500x912 Meantime gedpalmer 04b

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  • Meantime Brewery


  • Design & Sign Painting: Ged Palmer
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