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SATELLITE - Camberwell Digital

Camberwell Digital

Better Together

When we take care of ourselves, we make great co-conspirators. Camberwell Cannabis helps you put your best foot forward, so we can be better together.  After designing Camberwell’s branding system, we brought the brand to life IDL with UIUX design, website development, spot animations, and social media direction.

1500x912 KCS Camberwell web 02
1500x912 SO Camberwell Interactive reworked webspread A
1500x912 SO Camberwell Interactive reworked webspread B
1500x912 SO Camberwell Interactive reworked webspread C
1500x912 KCS Camberwell iPad comp slowed


Select animations found throughout the Camberwell website.

1500x912 KCS Camberwell Lions Shield slowed
SO Camberwell Interactive Animation 03

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  • Camberwell


  • Design & Creative Direction: Kevin Cantrell
  • Brand Strategy, copywriting, and UI: Erik Attkisson
  • Photography Art Direction: Miguel Cano
  • Interactive Design: Ryan Mendes
  • Animation: Jessie Zus